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Published Doctor's diary version .2.0

Published Advocate's diary version .2.0

Published KOYA. A Virtual Collabarating Computing

Published Get Biz. It's a CRM Product

Published Plumbing Service Call Management System

Keeping tabs on what's happening in both the technology sector and the industry verticals is at the forefront of our minds. Staying a step ahead of industry trends and foreseeing industry challenges is a big part of the strategic value we provide to our clients and we frequently, pleasantly surprise them in this arena.

We are active readers of the trade publications that cover these areas and we participate in events to further thought leadership and discussion. 

Every now and then we take the industry spotlight right alongside our clients and partners, and the news of the moment focuses on either our joint success or our own business imperatives. Within this section you will find the most up-to-date news and information issued by or written about srsoftware. Reporters will find all the tools necessary to gain accurate facts for their stories and we encourage them to speak to our clients about their own challenges and triumphs. 

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