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s r s o f t w a r e - Business Planning


Clearly, every business requires shrewd and thorough business planning. But you can't simply drag and drop your earthbound plan into the digital world and expect it to work. Your online business needs the strategic advantages of specialized SRSOFTWARE skills and experience.

Business Strategy

We work with you to define your online goals and strengths, analyze your industry and competition, and determine your operations, technology, and budget requirements. We deliver a phase-by-phase recommendation that responds to all of your needs.

Marketing Strategy

Have an online business plan but lack a comprehensive marketing plan? We conduct exhaustive analysis of your marketplace, competitors, their strengths and weaknesses. Pinpoint customer opportunities. You receive detailed recommendations on how to grow critical aspects of your business - customer communities and revenue - using online, offline, and relationship-marketing tactics that work.

Technical Strategy

No regular business plan has one. No online business can survive without one. The SRSOFTWARE Technical Specification - our "Tech Spec" - details the technology, architecture, database, programming, e-commerce, hardware, software, and connectivity requirements needed for achieving your specific business goals.