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s r s o f t w a r e - Features
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   Doctor's Diary 2.0   

  • Excellent Charting Capabilities
  • Complete Billing Transactions with Patient and Insurance Companies HCFA 1500
  • Defined Medical Codes ICD 9
  • HIPPA Complaint
  • Affordable and easy to Use.
  • Decreases Denials , Increases Income
  • Paperless Environment Interface
  • Accurate Billing Section
Patient Files Share Treatment Plan files . Tasks with separate User based task lists that act as an assignment board for all Doctors involved in treatment plan on a Patient.
Automatic Organizer
Personalized organizer is automatically populated with 24-hour times, consultant events, and Reminders.
Web based E-Mail
E-mail client with attachment functionality is completely integrated into the platform, as well as existing patient’s email.
Doctors and Patient’s activity treatment progress can send high priority messages, including Remainders to mail internet ready and intranet equipped Browsers
Personalized Content Feeds
Treatment Plans content ranging from visits to re-visit to keep all the data and are delivered in a personalized format based on user preferences.
Integration with Case Details
Advocate’s Diary uses industry leading middleware database provider to integrate with administrative functionality including registration, financial and Clients information and revenue services.
Integration with Drug Information Systems
Doctor’s Diary uses an industry leading middleware provider to integrate with administrative functionality including registration, financial and Patient information and revenue services.
Windows Functionality
The entire application is menu driven, allowing portable e-mail services, Scheduling appointments etc.
Built in Browser
A built in browser to access internet within the application with full fledged options.
Illustrated Context-Sensitive Help
Help is only an F1 key away, with detailed illustrated screen capture diagram; comprehensive cross-referencing and fly-over help for most program commands.