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s r s o f t w a r e - Products
  P r o d u c t s 
Collaborative Tools

Application Software

KoYa  a Virtual Collaborating Computing

Secured data transmission
Instant access to shared folders or files 
      Instant text-based conversation
      A remote Management Module
      A complete user-friendly backend interface

Choice of Every Doctor

Multi-User Access To Patient Files
Excellent Charting Capabilities
  Complete Billing Transactions with Patient and Insurance
  Companies HCFA 1500
      Defined Medical Codes ICD 9
      HIPPA Complaint
      Affordable and easy to Use.
      Accurate Billing Section
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Get Biz ... a CRM

Customer Details and Contacts Management
Activity Scheduling and Tracking
      Sales Order Processing
      Customer Service Management

Every Advocate Need One

Automatic Organizer, Personalized
      Case Details, Client Details
      Document Manager, Discovery Manager
      Docket Manager, Exhibits List, Witnesses List
      Research Manager, Medical Records
      Billing Management, Custom Fields
      UTBMS Codes
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Map Based software

Indian Economy
Education and
      Water resources

Service Call Management System

      Purchases, Suppliers
      Material Management ( Inventory )
      Sales, Invoicing
      Service Call Management
Automatic Organizer, Personalized
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