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s r s o f t w a r e - Product Overview



INDONOMIX 2003, The Atlas of Indian Economy is a map-based compilation of data from Central and State Government sources. The data has been meticulously collected over a length of time and verified for authenticity, accuracy and relevancy before being used.

Indonomix 2003
Check out the most notable features of Indonomix 2003

  • The only product of its kind in and on India
  • An invaluable store-house of data on India for 
    referencing, ready-information, marketing , 
    educational institutions, researchers and general. 
  • Over 2000 images with maps, information.
  • First time in India, INTEGRATED data in map-form 
    both at the State-level and at the District-level for 
    the entire Country.
  • Charts and text loaded with information, quality 
    checked for highest level of accuracy

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03.01. Published Inonomix