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s r s o f t w a r e - Development
D e v e l o p m en t 

Where smart, comprehensive planning meets creative execution that works: SRSOFTWARE business-to-consumer expertise enables your organization to digitally deliver to your customers that Includes industry-leading Search Engine Optimization.

Web Development & Convergence

With SRSOFTWARE, convergence finally comes of age. We provide end-to-end design, development, and consulting for internet and wireless technologies as well as expertise in using interactive technology on targeted PC and non-PC devices (e.g. digital set-top boxes, Internet appliances, etc.). We'll tailor a solution to meet your short and long-term business needs, satisfy time to time market demands and increase your competitive advantage.


Who are you? Who do you want to be? Online? Offline? Globally? It should be clear to your customers. One strong, weatherproof corporate identity will be yours.

Site Technology
An inherent, inseparable ingredient of the SRSOFTWARE, that enables your online customers to access as easily, and securely as possible. And lets you collect and retain valuable customer database information that helps you build a better business. We ensure that your new capabilities integrate with your legacy systems for complete optimization. SRSOFTWARE technology will future proof your online business across web, wireless, and other digital platforms.

ROI Analysis

Get a complete picture of the effectiveness of your entire campaign - with close-ups of how each SRSOFTWARE service is performing for you. Data collection is nonstop from a variety of relevant sources, then analyzed by the most appropriate metrics. Reported monthly, quarterly, or even daily - and can be accessible whenever you need it, 24 hours every day, via our secure extranet.

Development Services

Site Design

Your frontline - and most obvious route to your bottom line. Your one shot at attracting online customers. Where you prove meaningful reasons to stay and transact. We communicate your unique business differentials, reinforce your brand identity, and create rich online experiences for your customers that lead to loyalty in this fickle, attention-span-deficient world.

Results Measurement Services

Our overriding mission is to provide you with optimum return on investment. Results that aren't just promised. They're delivered. Each step of your way, quickly and quantifiably. Instant information awareness for maximum business agility and profitability. After all, you need to know how you're doing in order to do better.

Customer Relationship Analysis

Here's where we take the wealth of information in your customer database and put it to work. We analyze behavior patterns, influences, and correlations to match your specific offerings to each customer's interests. Your re-marketing becomes increasingly customized and your return on investment keeps improving.

Site Optimization

Change is reality. Your online business models, markets, customers, competitors, partners, and suppliers are doing it all the time. Therefore, your site must respond and evolve to survive. When we design your site, we automatically incorporate an ongoing optimization program into your basic foundation. Your site can be easily adjusted to reflect graphic and navigation enhancements - no matter what external variable drives you change.